Asset Verification Project

A leading nationwide supermarket chain, required the support of RGIS in one specific regional location to complete an asset verification project. Movement of assets between stores had not been recorded correctly so had lost track of which stores had which assets.


The supermarket chain required a complete asset verification service to check which stores had which assets, so underused assets could be moved rather than reordered needlessly at an additional expense. They needed the following:

  • Assets to be checked at three of their stores
  • Record the location of the assets
  • Update existing asset register
  • Add new assets to asset register


RGIS sent an experienced team to check the three requested supermarket stores to check their assets. We were able to:

  • Provide a dedicated team of three auditors to attend all three stores
  • Verify existing assets
  • Checked locations were correct on the asset register
  • Tagged new assets
  • Added new assets to asset register


By partnering with RGIS, the supermarket found the following:

  • Old assets had not been removed from the asset register
  • New assets had not been added to the asset register
  • Assets they were unaware they had, which they could utilise in other stores