Hypermarket Warehouse Count

A large hypermarket chain required the support of RGIS. The hypermarket was established in January 1948 and currently has more than 500 locations in France and 114 stores outside of the country. The chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the brand.


The warehouse inventory, usually carried out in-house, had to be outsourced to a trusted third party due to a lack of staff. To carry out this project, the customer did not hesitate to entrust this service to RGIS. Which already regularly carried out the inventory of the store estate. The customer required RGIS to provide the following:

  • Count the entire warehouse stock within 24 hours
  • Count both pallet racks and picking area
  • Identify variances and anomalies (breakages, overstocks and shrinkage)
  • Obtain an impartial and reliable valuation of the stock


For RGIS, it was important to provide a service meeting the specific needs of the customer. To take into account the technical constraints of the warehouse and to ensure the safety of the teams. RGIS provided the following:

  • Established precise specifications and a security plan of the service
  • Scheduled two experienced teams of RGIS auditors (of four supervisors and 17 auditors). To enable the inventory to be carried out continuously, during the day and then in the evening
  • Verification of the pre-counting of pallets of inaccessible products
  • Counted the stock on the upper parts and the racks by the first team
  • Counted all of the stock accessible at shoulder height (pallets on the ground and picking areas) by the second team
  • Provided accurate inventory results at the end of the service


By outsourcing the inventory of the logistics platform to RGIS, the following results were achieved:

  • Obtained an overview of the customer’s goods stored in its 920 zones,
  • Accurately counted a total of 704,498 items, in 24 hours
  • Identified variances and anomalies (breakages, overstocks and shrinkage)
  • Obtained an impartial and reliable valuation of the stock for immediate use
  • Achieved an accuracy level of 99.3% in data collection
  • Activity restarted in the warehouse immediately after the completion of the stocktake